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Faugères on video

Click on the title for a link to each video. Faugères House Ltd are not responsible for the accuracy or quality of any of the material.

Faugeres Wine

Faugères — Carabelles et Moulins

From studio Ae3 and uploaded in August 2017, this shows relatively bland aerial views of the area's circular stone huts and the landmark windmills

Hiking in Faugères

Simone (and Tom) present a very windy and wobbly personal view of a carabelle.

Moulin Faugères

In February 2015, video director Aurore Lalande uploaded a minute of clouds passing over one of the windmills.

Le Moulin de Faugères et ses Carabelles

This very slow eight minute video shows some of the views from the windmills against a plainsong audio track.

Téléthon 2014

This television news report from AFM in December 2014 includes an interview with mayor Philippe Bouche shot at the Palais de Bacchus (village hall).

East Village Wine Geek

From 2010, Keith Beavers explains the difference between the schiste and its effect on the two appellations separated by the difference between this and the limestone nearer St Chinon.

The geek's appreciation of the area's geography seems a little less than accurate — and focuses on the shiraz — providing about 45 seconds' information in four-and-a-half minutes!

Promoting Bel Air

The area around the petrol station at the west end of the village is linked to the Bel Air restaurant across the road. This video — uploaded in November 2016 - promotes the new 'commercial centre' beside the main road from Béziers towards Bédarieux, Hérepian and the Orbe Valley. It is aimed at potential tenants and the computer graphics show an idealised version of a building due to open in 2018.

Dear Mr President

From France 3, this regional television news report from March 2017, shows how Monsieur Bouche, the mayor of Faugères has written to US president Donald Trump and 10 of the richest people in France to solicit donations to save the village school and mairie.

Faugères Walk

Shot in May 2016, David James and two friends take a 20km walk through Faugères hills ending at the windmills. It was a beautiful sunny day 23 degrees with a light warm breeze.

Balade vigneronne (Vineyard walk) 2016

This nine-minute video follows scores of walkers on a tour of Faugères, visiting the windmills at the top of the hill and enjoying the views across the plain towards coast and west towards the Pyrenees ... with lots of shots of the backs of walkers as they make their way along narrow wooded paths.

Les secrets du vin de Faugères

This eight-minute video produced by TVSud in May 2011, with audio in French, includes an interview with the 'chef' of the appellation at the time and a local winemaker talking about the terroir.

DIDOU: Circuit Site de Faugères

A walker (going by the name of 61 Sud Venom whose Google profile reveals a fascination with superhero toys) has shot a series of very short videos with a phone on some of the paths around Faugères.

Faugères: vineyards and landscape

From 2007, BK Winetours have five-minutes of roughly edited images, with a windy soundtrack and no commentary, showing some of the area's views and vineyards.